Eastbourne Memories - A Victorian Perspective

An Account of, notable events, Persons and town history - online book

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the Duke of Devonshire.—Strong public opinion in favour of a Park in the Town.—Final settlement of negociations prolonged through many years.— Hampden Park, good in itself, but far away.—Hospitals.                    212—224
Effect of the growth of population on the increase of the number of Voters.—East Sussex Polls from 1832 till 1880.—East-Bourne Division Polls from 1885 to 1910.—Notes on most of the Candidates during that period.— Election meetings in former days.                                                          225—235
Population statistics.—Guy Fawkes Day.—A Snow hut.—East-Bourne Postal arrangements in 1874.— Season Extension Movement. — The Guardian Newspaper and Mr. Disraeli.—A Sermon on Sheep-stealing.—Convicted of manslaughter for stealing a pair of breeches.—Russian prisoners at Lewes.— Unreformed Corporations—.Bradford or Bedford Well.—Ladies at Public Dinners.—An Old Style dinner.—A Drive in Derbyshire.—A visit to Holker Hall.—East-Bourne Printers.—Fire Engines.—Lord R. Churchill.—The Lanyon Family.— Bread the "Staff of Life," (sometimes.)—Weddings, 1846-1902.— Syllabub Parties.—A Garden Party at Compton Place.—How Fiction may become "History".—Pigs as Engineers.—Banks at East-Bourne.—Sussex Coaches in 1804.—Sea-Bathing.—East-Bourne in 1809.—East-Bourne in 1812.—East-Bourne Bathing in 1819.—A Fancy Dress Ball.—A China (not Chinese Story) —"The Story of a Clock.—Links with the Past.—Sunday League Excursions to East-Bourne.—A Ladies' Committee.—A "Liberal" Dinner at East-Bourne.—The Wreck of the Nympha Americana.—Extracts from old letters of Dr. Brodie.—The penalties attached to Authorship.             236—271
Personal.— The Times Newspaper.—Changes in English manners and customs.—The "Hunt Sermon."—Mr. Gladstone and newspapers.— Deeds and legal documents.—A dog and cat story.—A Sabbath-breaking dog.—Debating Societies.—Practical v. unpractical Temperance Reform.—English and Welsh.—The Economy of Time.—Tick, Tick, Tick.—A Waterloo Myth.— A Waterloo Fact.—Visits to the Battle-field of Waterloo.—Unfamiliar Women's Christian Names.—Novel experiences, exciting or otherwise.— Mid-Victorian Meal-times.—Visits to the Galleries of the Two Houses of Parliament.—A Gladstone Anecdote.—Coins as Measures.—The Duty and Advantages of showing Civility to strangers.—Clerical Surnames.—An Offer of Marriage: 1802 Style.                                                              272—295
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