Eastbourne Memories - A Victorian Perspective

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Chap. II.] A Tour round Old East-Bourne.                 17
is Mr. Cecil Foljambe, M.P., who married Miss Louisa Howard. It is she who is holding the little boy. Mr. Foljambe afterwards became by creation Earl of Liverpool and (strange to say) took office under Sir Henry Campbell-Bannerman as Lord Steward. The little boy is now the 2nd Earl of Liverpool, Comptroller of the Household, 1910. When Mr. Howard moved to Angus House, he found that his butler had made away with 900 bottles of wine.
Mr. Howard had been once M.P. for Youghal in Ireland, sitting as a Whig, but it was rather Lady Fanny who upheld the traditional politics of the house. She was a keen Whig, and with her I had many friendly discussions. During one, shortly before the Gladstone Home Rule split, she said in reply to my regrets at the way in which the old Whigs were drifting into Radicalism, " But you must admit, Mr. Chambers, that Hartington is a safe man." To which I replied " Yes, no doubt in himself, but one must judge of a man, including a peer's son and politician, by the company he keeps." I do not think that either she or I realised how soon Lord Hartington's political status would be submitted to a crucial test which, as we all know, he safely stood, and saved the integrity of the Empire. Like many members of the old Whig party in those days, Lady Fanny had not much liking for Mr. Gladstone in any of his public capacities though they were obliged to put up with him.
Owing to the unchecked growth of the trees, Compton Place had become rather a damp house; that is why Mrs. Cavendish left it in 1861. Sir Joseph Paxton of Chatsworth fame had been brought down to advise about it, and it was under his advice that the wide gap in the plantation on the W. side was made with the idea of letting in air from the Links.
Gompton Place was partly re-furnished and re­decorated and used occasionally in the " Nineties " by the 8th Duke, and during this occupation, King Edward VII. as Prince of Wales was an occasional visitor. The Duke was Mayor of East-Bourne in 1897-98. A Mayoral
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