Eastbourne Memories - A Victorian Perspective

An Account of, notable events, Persons and town history - online book

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Centeal East-Bourne.
" %tQ\xih \\t time snir ittb gtfur knobjltbQt foii|j butoing of l\t &0to»."{Twelfth Night).
Grove Road.Bourne Stream.Sir J. Leach.Lord Thurlow.Stocks Bank.Town Hall. The Squirrel.Rose Cottage.Elm Cottage.Major Wilford.Wesleyan Chapel.Literary Institution.New Inn.South Street.Performing Fleas.The Brother Blacksmiths.A Dilapidated House,Larkfield House.Mr. Rawdon,The Terrace.Old Residents. Old Footpaths.Prentice Street.East-Bourne College.The Wish. Devonshire Park.Cliff Cottage.Proposed town of " Burlington."The 1st Earl of Burlington.The Susans Farm.The Graham Family. Terminus Road.Thomas Morris, cricketer.Oak Cottage and Charles II. Terminus Road once a cornfield.Coming of age of 8th Duke of Devonshire. Historic houses in Hartington Place.
I AM going to start now at the Station end of Upperton Road, and proceed down Grove Road, though at the epoch which this volume is supposed specially to represent (1851) it bore simply the vague name of " Southbourne," but a previous generation had regarded it as a continuation of Water Lane and so-called it. The first thing on the right to attract notice was the Parish Pound. Next to that was the " Sheep-Wash Pond " fed by the " Bourne stream," its overflow constituting the lower part of the Bourne stream which, traversing something like the line of the Terminus Road and Langney Road, found its way into the sea somewhere near Leaf Hall. The flow of water still continues but goes through a modern sewer. Next to the pond came the Vestry Room and Police premises, both of which are alluded to elsewhere. The Fire-Engine Station occupies nearly the sites just mentioned. Then lying back from the road was a tall gaunt house known as The Grove. It was built in the early part of the 19th
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