Eastbourne Memories - A Victorian Perspective

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The Sea Houses.
Marine Parade.—Round House.—Field House.—Houses built during the Crimean War.—Gowland's Library.—Its antiquity and early tenants.— Captain L. K. Willard.—The Albion Hotel before it became an hotel.—The Earl of A shburnham —Anecdotes of.—Sea Beach House—The Yacht "Cygnet." —Abolished Coastguard Station.—War Department Property.—The Two Miss Gordons.—The Great Redoubt.—Royal Parade Sea Wall.—Grievances of the Fishermen.—Proposed Harbour.—Martello Towers.—Collier Ships.
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T HE part of the Parish which I have now to deal with was the original Watering-Place of East-Bourne and bore the collective name of " Sea-Houses," but the sub-name of Marine Parade came later to be applied to more than half its houses. At what I call the epoch of this Book (1851), the inhabited houses of the district comprised only the Field House, which was really No. 1 Marine Parade though not so numbered, the 24 houses of Marine Parade, a few villas in the Seaside Road close to where Cavendish Place now opens on to it, some shops at the bend in the road opposite the Anchor Hotel, the Anchor, the Albion, the Ball-room House, Sea Beach House, and a sprinkling of small shops and cottages in the direction of what is now Leaf Hall. Beyond Leaf Hall there was the Ordnance Yard, the Government House, the King's Arms Public-House, with a few cottages dotted about the " Drove" and elsewhere. Close to the Drove was the stream which came from the Old Town, and has already been mentioned. The King's Arms was practically the last house in East-Bourne in
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