Eastbourne Memories - A Victorian Perspective

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Children of George III.—Foreign Princes and Princesses.—Visits by the Duke of Cambridge.—Grand Duke and Duchess of Hesse.—Grand Duke and Duchess of Baden.—Princess Christian and the "Alice Hospital."— Opening of the Hospital by the Prince and Princess of Wales.—Street Decorations—Tea Party at Compton Place.—Satirical publications respect­ing the visit.—Visit of the Marchioness of Lome.—Suppressed anecdote.— Visit of the Duchess of Albany.—Visit of the Prince and Princess of Wales. —Distinguished Russian. Chinese, ond French Visitors, and others.— Astronomical, Political, and Ecclesiastical Visitors, with notes and anecdotes,, respecting some of them.
" Qobt all} trust a itia; oa fonmg to nam."—{All's Well that end* Well).
T HAT certain members of the family of George III. came to East-Bourne as visitors in 1780 is well-known, and their visit may be said to mark the starting of the town as a bathing and pleasure centre, but that incident is not properly within the scope of this volume. The Royal personages in question were the Princes Edward (afterwards Duke of Kent) and Octavius, and the Princesses Elizabeth and Sophia.
The following is an unpublished extract from the diary of a lady who was at East-Bourne in 1780 as a member of the Royal suite. It was communicated to me in 1878 when in the possession of one of her descendants, then living at Oxford :—
" Sea-Houses, Eastbourne, Sussex,
" 7th July, 1780. " Our day is generally spent as follows :—Rise early.; I sleep in the room with the Princess Elizabeth. After her R.H. and Princess Sophia and Prince Alfred [? Adol-phus] have bathed, which depends on the tides, we walk on the sands for an hour. Then breakfast. At 9 the coach is at the door. We go to Lady Charlotte Finch's house, who goes with us to Eastbourne Place, belonging
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