Eastbourne Memories - A Victorian Perspective

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Chap. V.]             Ecclesiastical Visitors.                         67
and the Empress sent for him on September 1,1894, and in course of conversation quoted the following lines :
" Let us speak of a man as we find him "And censure alone what we see ;
" Should anyone blame, lets remind him " That from faults we are none of us free."
Her Majesty afterwards sent Mr. Bourke a transcript of the lines in her own handwriting, and he gave me a copy of them.
The Rev. S. J. Stone was the author of the well-known hymn "The Church's one Foundation." His father was at one time Vicar of Alfriston. I paid him a return visit at his Vicarage at Haggerston on April 19, 1887, spending the night there to give his parishioners a lecture on Church History. It was my first introduction to an East London audience, and a queer audience it was, tout they listened to me.
The 2 American Bishops added largely to our knowledge of Church affairs on the other side of the Atlantic, and by a singular coincidence it turned out that the Bishop of Colorado's Chief Accountant for Church Finance was a nephew of my wife's who had emigrated to the States some years previously.
I must find a place for a very interesting French lady who I knew very well and who lived many years at East-Bourne, Mdlle. Angeline Maugery. I do not know who brought her to East-Bourne, or why she came to this town rather than to any other town, but, born a Roman Catholic, she became for conscience sake a Protestant, and was so persecuted by her family that she resolved to quit France and come to live in England. This was in about the year 1849. My aunts took her up, helped her to find pupils, and when she became too old to teach raised a fund for her support. She died in the "Eighties." I was one of her pupils in 1851, and I well remember the interest she evoked in my mind by her patient coaching of me in that thrilling work Racine's Athalie. The house where this happened was No. 14 High Street now occupied by Mr. S. Hart, and enlarged.
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