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[69 J
" %\t fast tiring bttbmn $xuixa anir ^nglaub is ifyt ^£3."—(Douglas Jeeeold).
The Authors interest in military matters.—Volunteers in 1804.— Anecdote of the first Duke of Cambridge.—Troops quartered at East-Bourne during the Crimean War.—Sussex Artillery Militia.—Norfolk Artillery Militia.—The De La Warr Family.—The Modern Volunteer Movement.— The East-Bourne Rifles.—The Sussex Artillery Volunteers.—The Sussex Engineer Volunteers.—Camps at Sheffield Park and elsewhere.—The Earl of Sheffield.—Anecdote of the Duke of Norfolk.—Easter Monday Reviews.— Detachments of Engineers sent to South Africa.—Visits of the second Duke of Cambridge for Artillery Experiments—Anthony's Hill.—Lord Wolseley.— The Earl of Dundonald.—" Old Boney."—Jubilee of George III.—Wreck of the Mayflower, in 1849.—Loss af the Dalhousie.—Wreck of the Gannet in 1882.—Boulder-boats —Naval Reviews at Portsmouth.
O NE thing distinguished my boyhood from that of many other boys—I had no near relations in the Army, the nearest being a cousin, Sir E. Walter, who was a Captain in the 8th Hussars, and who after­wards founded that very useful body the Corps of Commissionaires. Like most boys, I suppose, soldiers and soldiering had a great attraction for me, both in the matter of military spectacles and books, the events in the lives of Napoleon and Wellington especially having been my constant study down to the present time.
As I have never seen in print the following information I think I am justified in giving it here, premising that I owe the materials for doing so to Mr. Morris of Seaside Road.
In the year 1804 there existed near East-Bourne two companies of infantry, respectively called the " Hailsham and Hellingly" Company and the " South Pevensey" Company. The former, under Captain W. Long, com­prised 5 sergeants, 6 corporals, 1 drummer, and 52 privates, and there is still in existence a certificate
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