Eastbourne Memories - A Victorian Perspective

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Chap. VII.]                      Societies.                                     91
Barton, Mrs. Chambers, Mrs. Devonshire, Mrs. Lawrence, Mrs. Macauley, Mrs. B. Roberts, and Mrs. Whelpton. It was agreed to limit the houses frequented to 10, and the number of members singing and non-singing to 50. On these lines, the " Purcell Glee Society " was started, and flourished during 2 winters, yielding many very pleasant evenings. We had an excellent conductor in Mr. Henry Baillie, then and still the organist of All Souls' Church. He took great pains with the singers, but unfortunately some of the young lady singers had got it into their heads that they did not need any teaching or advice. More­over, the low subscription was based on the idea that only singers were to be supplied with music gratis, but non-singers claimed also to have music, and this could not be supplied from an annual subscription of only 5s. I am sorry to say that the Society perished before it had accomplished its 3rd year. The rules and arrangements set out for its government always seemed to me reasonable and judicious, and I, for one, regretted the loss of the pleasant evening entertainments, of which the best, were perhaps, those arranged at Lady Howard De Walden's house by her daughter, Miss Charlotte Ellis (" Pussy Ellis ").
In the "Seventies," as private residents began to increase in numbers, the want of a gentleman's Club came to be felt and the result was the foundation in 1872, of the Devonshire Club. The. initial steps were taken at a meeting held at Mr. F. W. H. Cavendish's house, on September 9, 1872. The following were appointed a provisional Committee :—Mr. Cavendish, Dr. Hayman, Mr. F. J. Howard, Mr. R. Insoll, Dr. Lavies, Mr. W. Leaf, Mr. R. Pidcock, Dr. Bransby Roberts, Mr. F. C. S. Roper, Mr. C. Stiff, the Rev. H. R. Whelpton and myself; with power to add to their number. Under this regulation Dr. W. Bell, Mr. T. H. Devonshire, Mr. J. G. Morison, the Rev. R. W. Pierpoint and Mr. W. G. Wheatcroft were added. But throughout the whole of the proceedings, Mr. Devonshire was the moving spirit, and if it had not been for his tact, discretion, experience, and zeal, I doubt whether the
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