Eastbourne Memories - A Victorian Perspective

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Chap. X.]
A Picturesque Screen.
the folding leaves, no fewer than 3000 scraps, pictures, photographs, labels, cards, stamps, monograms, &c, &c. The task occupied me for many wet and other days during 1891-2. I only mention it to show how easy it is to obtain useful and picturesque articles of furniture for draughty rooms at a very trifling expense in money. My reason for giving the silhouette of myself (Plate II.) is not vanity, but to place on record a lost art, as I suppose it must now be called. I do not remember for certain where the original was done, but I rather think it may have been at the Pantheon Bazaar in Oxford Street (now Gilbey's wine shop). It is long since I met with an " Artist " who cut such figures. The last I remember was on the old Chain Pier at Brighton, washed away in a storm on December 5, 1896.
" gc'mxct mo&rs but slofolg, sIxrMjr,
" €tte$m§ on from point to point."—(Tennyson).
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" ©Jj* mnsfcr-atrohc is |jfotur.e's part."—(R. W. Emerson). Fig. 59.
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