Eastbourne Memories - A Victorian Perspective

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Ohap. XI.] Hallway Travelling Anecdotes.                 143
lady came up, looked at me : evidently did not like my looks ; went away and brought up the guard. Guard
loquitur : " Viscountess N-----wishes to travel in this
•carriage." I answered " I have not the least objection." He then proceeded to request me to leave which I firmly but placidly declined to do. Finding it was no good, and that he was therefore likely to lose his half-a-crown '" tip " he went away, and the lady with him.
Viscountess N-----is now Countess of B----- and I
Tiope more reasonable in her requirements when travelling by rail.
Travelling one day to Victoria, equipped for a long journey, I opened my hand-bag in the carriage in order to have the use of some books and papers. Doing this I exposed to view sundry accessories in the form of hair brush, comb, slippers and things of that sort. An elderly lady got in at Haywards Heath and watched me with much interest between there and Croydon. At Croydon I proceeded to pack up. This drew from the old lady some remarks which amused me as much as my property seemed during the previous -| hour to have amused her, for, after having bottled up her thoughts for some time, she finally exclaimed, " Dear me ! you seem to have quite a little portable dressing-room there." I discovered that the lady was the Dowager Marchioness of D-----.
" ®b/*g sb;all b/afa ntg Jwrsrs, but g'JJ xnnkt tlrrm gag-"—
(Merry Wives of Windsor.)
"Set gon \mzt in $ met."—(Love's Labour Lout)
" f$tn ougirt to renumber ifcrir frienirss fojro are absent." —
(Diogenes Laebtius.)
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