Eastbourne Memories - A Victorian Perspective

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Chap. XIII.]            All Souls' Church.                          187
were 54 in number, and represented every conceivable shade of Church " Views," beginning with Membership' of the Confraternity of the Blessed Sacrament (one candidate), and Membership of the English Church Union (7 candidates). I need hardly say that these were not reserved for further consideration. Eventually we reduced the 54 to 4, and then to 2, and then to 1. It was a tedious, laborious, and anxious business, but I am thankful to say that I believe that under the Providence of God we obtained the right man in the Rev. E. F. Eliot and his too-hardworking wife, Lady Kathleen Eliot, whose father was one of the greatest, perhaps the greatest, Lord Chancellor who ever presided over Law in England and kept the Sovereign's conscience.
St. Peter's Church.
The overcrowding, which had become chronic, of St. Saviour's Church rendered it necessary that steps should be taken to obtain some relief, and accordingly there was erected in 1878, at a cost of about 1400, a temporary building in a field behind the Town Hall which was designated " St. Peter's Church." It was opened on June 7, 1878, and owed its origin chiefly to the exertions of the Rev. J. Howard Palmer, of Ashamp-stead School. This building was used for about 17 years when it was closed and bought by the Corporation,(a)' the congregation transferring themselves to the new and permanent St. Peter's Church erected at the Granville-Road corner of Meads Road. During its earlier ,years-the temporary Church was chiefly served by the Rev. A. N. Obbard, whose quaint and unconventional sermons secured for him a large amount of appreciation. When he left in 1883 after preaching his Farewell Sermon, on February 11, he was followed by the Rev. H. R. Alder who had returned from South Africa where he had been Dean of Cape Town. I have said that this temporary Church had been erected in a field. This is a literal truth. Access to it was had by a public footpath which
(a) And re-named " Grove Hall." First of all, it was used as a Secondary School for Girls, and now is let for meetings or any purpose.
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