Eastbourne Memories - A Victorian Perspective

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188                Old Memories of East-Bourne. [Chap. XIII.
went forwards through 3 very large fields to the Old Town, and there were no buildings whatever anywhere near the Church. The shops on the W. side of Grove Road had not been built, and The Grove, the Old Vestry-room, and the Police Buildings (all mentioned elsewhere) had not yet been pulled down. It had been hoped by many that the 3 fields in question might have been secured as a public park. (See Chapter XVII. post.)
The permanent St. Peter's Church was the outcome of a gift by the Duke of Devonshire of the site and 5000, and his Architect (Mr. Henry Currey) supplied the designs. Mr. Currey had not been previously known .as a Church Architect, and the windows externally of the Church are not universally admired. I say no more on the subject as I was not connected with the building of the Church in any way.
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