Eastbourne Memories - A Victorian Perspective

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Sketch of the Local Government arrangements up till 1859.The first Local Board. The great Epidemic of 1863.First system of main drainage. Incorporation of the town in 1883.Wanted a Town Hall.Bickerings ■over a site.Author a member of the Local Board.Steps taken to bring about Incorporation.Proposed inclusion of Willingdon.Guardians of the Poor.Lady Guardians.County Council Elections.The danger of splitting votes.Political Dissenters.End of the Author s Career.
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(Sie J. Denham, 1615-1668.)
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(Quoted by Lord Bacon.)
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(Hon. Mrs. Norton.)
I N my early days, neither Sussex generally nor East-Bourne in particular were very advanced in what we now understand as Municipal Local Government. Rye, Hastings and Chichester had Mayors and Corporations, but even Brighton had nothing better than a Board of Improvement Commissioners, whilst East-Bourne had practically no local government at all. There was a Board of Guardians to deal with the Poor Law matters only, whilst the municipal side of civil .government rose no higher than the 5 Lighting Inspectors appointed in 1852, under the " Lighting and Watching Act, 1833," plus the Common Law Parish Vestry which had not yet been clothed with any sanitary powers. The " Watching " section of the Act just named had been adopted as far back as December 4, 1837, but the vote was rescinded a fortnight later ! There were also of course " Surveyors of Highways " who looked after the highways in a certain fashion, with powers derived from the " Highway Act, 1835."
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