Eastbourne Memories - A Victorian Perspective

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The Caldecott Museum causes a Bill to be passed.— Encroachments of the Sea causes a Bill to be passed —Mr. G. A. Wallis as Mayor.—His desire for more powers causes a Bill to be brought in and passed.—The ups and downs of the said Bill.—The Salvation Army very unpopular.— Parliamentary controversy respecting its misconduct —Proposed purchase of Water Works.—Municipal Trading.—To what extent desirable.
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L AW is often supposed to be a dry subject, but it is not so in reality, as witness how the reports in the daily papers, especially those of a particular Court are devoured by lay readers. The present chapter will deal, in a very condensed form, with some of the applications made to Parliament for special purposes, concluding with a bare list of the special Acts of Parliament in force in the town down to 1901. For this list I claim what is called " copyright "—because it has never been published by anybody else. Literary sharks, which abound everywhere, may however copy it as they like.
Passing over for the moment the special legislation required as time went on for Gas and Water purposes, the first time that the public needs of East-Bourne were brought under the notice of Parliament was in 1871, and it came about in a curious way. After the death of Mr. Caldecott, at Meads, and the transfer of his geological museum to trustees on behalf of the Town, it became a question how and where they should house it and obtain funds for its maintenance. The suggestion was an obvious one. Let the Town put in force the existing Statute Law under which certain Urban Local Authorities could institute and carry on Public Libraries and
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