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Effect of the growth of population on the increase of the number of Voters.—East Sussex Polls from 1832 till 1880.—East-Bourne Division Polls from 1885 to 1910.—Notes on most of the Candidates during that period.— Election meetings in former days.
" ©nglauir, % l£tol|ra: of farlianmtts.''(«)—(John Bright.)
ONE thing stands out very prominently in the history of East-Bourne from the standpoint of Elections. The extraordinary increase in the population 1851-1911 has led to an extraordinary developement in the statistics relating to voting for all public purposes.
To make my story more interesting, because more complete, I will begin 25 years before my own personal knowledge begins. I will start with the year 1832, the date of the passing of the Reform Bill.
1832, Decembee.—Geneeal Election. Cavendish, Hon. C C (Whig) .. 2388 Curteis, H. B. (Whig) .. .. 1931 Darby, G. (Tory)......668
The above figures showed the Tories to be so completely outnumbered for the time that the General Election of 1835 passed off without a contest, the old Members being returned again.
1835, January.—Geneeal Election. Cavendish, Hon. C C (Whig). Curteis, H. B. (Whig).
When 1837 arrived the reaction against the Whigs, which had taken place all over England, was found] to
(a) But now with its House of Commons suffering from " Senile Decay," to quote a
medical term.
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