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-Chap. XVIII.] Parliamentary Elections, 1841-1857. 227
Lord Melbourne accomplish the same results in the 4 years which ended with July 1841. He dissolved, after being beaten by a majority of 1 on a " No Confidence " motion, and the country responded by confirming this vote by a majority of 91.
1841, July.Genebal Election. Darby, G. (Conservative) .. .. 2398 Fuller, A. E. (Conservative)           .. 2367
Shelley, J. V. (Liberal) .. .. 995
1846, Januaey.—Mr. Darby appointed Inclosure Commissioner. Ere wen, C H.
Mr. Darby resigned his seat for the reason above stated, but Mr. Fuller, his colleague of 1841, retained his seat for 16 years.
1847, August.General Election. Fuller, A. E. (Conservative). Frewen, C H. (Conservative).
1852, July.Geneeal Election. Fuller, A. E. (Conservative) .. 2155 Frewen, C. H. (Conservative) .. 1974 Dodxon, J.G. (Liberal) .. .. 1637
Mr. Dodson was then quite a young man, and unknown except as the son of Sir John Dodson, Dean of the Arches Court of Canterbury, but the figures above quoted show conclusively that the principles which he represented had a considerable hold in the constituency, and that his success might reasonably be looked for at a later period, and this, indeed, eventually came to pass. Things remained quiet in the division until January 1857, when the County was startled one morning by an announcement that Mr. Frewen had resigned a fairly safe seat in order to go and fight a very ridiculous contest with a brother Conservative—Lord J. J. R. Manners (Duke of Rutland) in Leicestershire. The Candidate who came out to succeed Mr. Frewen on the Conservative side was Viscount Pevensey, afterwards Earl of Sheffield, the great friend and patron of cricketers and Volunteers. At the poll in March, 1857, the numbers were :—
Pevensey, Viscount (Conservative).. 2302 Dodson, J. Q. (Liberal) .. .. 2234
This election was virtually thrown away, because everything had to be done over again in less than 4
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