Eastbourne Memories - A Victorian Perspective

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232            Old Memories of East-Bourne. [Chap. XVIII.
resided many years in East-Bourne until his death. He was a J.P., and took an active part in local affairs. An elder sister, who died in 1881, was Countess of Cawdor, and a younger sister, Caroline, was the well-known Maid of Honour to Queen Victoria. She died in 1910. Lord E. Cavendish was the youngest son of the 7th Duke of Devonshire, and father of the present Duke.
Mr. W. W. Burrell afterwards succeeded to a baronetcy on the death of his brother, Sir Percy Burrell, their father, Sir C. Burrell, having as already stated, sat for Shoreham for 56 years. This made him at the time the " Father of the House." The Hon. R. C. E. Abbott is the present Lord Colchester.
Mr. G. B. Gregory was a well-known London solicitor, and head of the firm of Gregory, Rowcliffe & Co. Travelling with Sir H. H. Fowler, M.P. (now Viscount Wolverhampton), on October 15, 1884, he said to me : " You may be interested to know that your Member, Gregory, is the one Member on your side of the House to whom Gladstone always listens, and whose suggestions he always desires to act upon, if possible."
To make the Political History of East-Bourne complete, I append without much note or comment a statement of the Elections which have taken place since 1880 down to 1910, merely remarking that under the Redistribution Act of 1885, Sussex as a whole was cut up into 6 County Divisions, each with one Member only, East-Bourne becoming the centre of the " East-Bourne or Southern Division of Sussex."
As the result of the Redistribution Act, Mr. Gregory selected the East Grinstead Division as his constituency, and Mr. Scott retired altogether from Parliament, so East-Bourne had to find a new Conservative Candidate. Several Candidates were talked about; amongst them Sir Henry Fletcher, who was invited, but declined (preferring to stand for the Lewes Division, which elected him soon afterwards); Mr. W. L. Christie, the Member for the Borough of Lewes, disfranchised by the Redistribution Act in 1885 ; and Captain Edward Field, who, accepted as the Conservative Candidate for
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