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Chap. XVIII.] Parliamentary Elections, 1SS5-1910. 233
Brighton, was shunted thence under an Award by Lord Salisbury to permit Mr. Marriott, Q.C., who had "ratted" from the Liberal Party, being taken over as a Conserva­tive Candidate. Hence it was that East-Bourne came to get Captain (afterwards Admiral) Field, who proved to be a very efficient and popular Member.*
1885, Decembeb 5. — Genebal Election. Field, Captain E. (Conservative) .. 3561 Wallis, G. A. (Liberal) .. .. 3497
1886, July 9.—Geneeal Election. Field, Admiral E. (Conservative) .. 3760 Broun, Col. J. C. (Liberal) .. .. 2501
1892, July 12.—Geneeal Election. Field, Admiral E. (Conservative) .. 4037 Brand, Captain Hon. T. S. (Liberal) 3674
1895, July 22.—Geneeal Election. Field, Admiral E. (Conservative) .. 4139 Brand, Captain Hon. T. S. (Liberal) 4079
1900, October 15.—Geneeal Election. Hogg, L. (Conservative) .. .. 4948 Brand, Admiral Hon. T. S. (Liberal) 4245
1906, Januaey 17.—Geneeal Election. Beaumont, Hon. H. G. (Radical) .. 5933 Hogg, Sir L., Bt., (Conservative) .. 5303
1910, Januaey 21.—General Election. Gwynne, R. S. (Conservative) .. 7553 Morrison, H. (Radical) .. .. 5249
With the General Election of 1880 I ceased to have any special responsibility for the management of the affairs of the Conservative Party in the town or district. Five years later various changes in everything became indispensable, owing to the Redistribution Act and the break-up of the Gladstonian Party. The latter event involving the alliance of the Liberal Unionists Avith the Conservative Party was a matter of great moment in East-Bourne politics, owing to the altered political positions of Lord Hartington (as he then was) and other members of the Ducal House of Devonshire.
A Primrose League Habitation (No. 286) was started in East-Bourne very soon after the League was founded, and splendid work was done by it in 1885
* Another possible Candidate would probably have been chosen before all those just named, had he got home from India in time—Sir James Fergusson.
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