Eastbourne Memories - A Victorian Perspective

An Account of, notable events, Persons and town history - online book

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Population Statistics.—Guy Fawkes' Day.—A snow hut.—East-Bourne Postal arrangements in 1874. — Season Extension Movement. — The " Guardian " Newspaper and Mr. Disraeli.—A Sermon on Sheep-stealing.— Convicted of manslaughter for stealing a pair of Breeches.—Russian prisoners at Lewes.—Unreformed Corporations.—"Bradford" or "Bedford" Well.— Ladies at Public Dinners.—East-Bourne Printers.—An Old Style Dinner.— A Drive in Derbyshire. —A visit to Holker Hall.—Fire Engines.—Lord Randolph Churchill.—The Lanyon Family.—Bread the " Staff of Life " (sometimes).—Weddings, 1846-1902.—Syllabub Parties.—A Garden Party .at Compton Place.—Hoiv Fiction may become " History."—Pigs as Engineers.—Banks at East-Bourne.—Sussex Coaches in 1804. —East-Bourne in 1809.—East-Bourne in 1812.-—East-Bourne Bathing in 1819.—Sea-Bathing.—A Fancy Dress Ball.—A China (not Chinese) Story.—The Story ■of a Clock.— Links ivith the Past.—Sunday League Excursions to East-Bourne.—A Ladies7 Committee.—A "Liberal" Dinner at East-Bourne.— The Wreck of the "Nympha Americana"—Extracts from Old Letters of Dr. Brodie.—Penalties attaching to Authorship.
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W HEN the reader has completed his perusal of this chapter I am sure he will say that it more fully justifies its title than any other in the hook, for it will be found to contain a variety of items concerning, or in some way connected with, East-Bourne, put together in most disjointed sequence, but which I •did not seem able to classify under any previous head.
Population Statistics.
Perhaps nothing will illustrate more vividly the changes which East-Bourne has undergone during my
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