Eastbourne Memories - A Victorian Perspective

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Chap. XIX.] Postal Arrangements.                       241
It remains to be added that from that day to this St. Martin's-le-Grand has often failed to provide adequate accommodation at East-Bourne for the business there, at the Head Office wherever it was.
Season Extension Movement.
On February 2, 1882, a meeting was held at the Gildredge Hotel, to consider whether any organised effort could be made to bring about a lengthening of the East-Bourne Summer Season. This meeting was very numerously attended by persons belonging to all classes : many suggestions were offered, owners and tenants, professional men and tradesmen, taking part in the discussion and finally a very strong and representative Committee, which eventually numbered 60 members, was appointed to consider the whole subject. The matter was further discussed at another meeting and a Sub-Committee of 16 members was chosen by ballot to put the whole subject into shape and to submit it to a public meeting of townspeople. I was chosen one of the 16, and Mr. G. A. Wallis was appointed Chairman. A very elaborate scheme of advertising by posters hand­books and newspaper advertisements was planned and carried out, and I have no doubt whatever that great good was done by the publicity which was obtained, for it brought the claims of the town before people at a distance who were in search of localities to reside in or to visit. It was estimated that to do the work properly, £2000 a year was required for 3 years, but no such sum as this was raised; I think no more than about £600. The one item in the scheme which for somewhat obvious reasons excited most distrust, and in point of fact was never carried out, was thus specified in the circular issued by the Commitee, " That subsidies should be granted to various local places of amusement and resort to encourage them to keep going high class entertain­ments from Easter to Christmas." I think that some of the townspeople sniffed ' Devonshire Park ' in these words and therefore looked askance at them.
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