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68                 Glimpses of Our Ancestors.
" Next, I charge you never to suffer that lane to be inclosed by Woolbarrow or Sears, or anyone else, for you see I have made them take away the gates, but they leave the posts standing, thinking to set them up again when I am dead. But you may safely cut down the gates, for it was never inclosed but by old Sears, who took delight to damm up highways to his own ruin; and so it was observed by his own neighbours, for he never thrived after he took in Langley-lane and turned the Crawley footway, and to my knowledge he never thrived after he took in this lane." A piece of rural superstition for which some allowance maybe made, for it has doubtless kept open many a pleasant path.
And now comes another "sign of the times:" "Next, I advise you to have a great care of ill and debauched company, especially wicked and depraved priests, such <±s are at this present time about me, as Lee and Troughton, of Worth; never give any of them any entertainment, nor none of their companions, for they are most vile and wicked men to my knowledge."
And, returning to the same point, he says: "Next, my advice is, that whatever estate either of you ever attain to, yet follow some employment, which will keep you from abundance of expenses and charges, and take you off from evil thoughts and wicked actions; and observe the mechanic priests, which have nothing to do but to come to church one hour or two on a Sunday, and all the week besides they will eat and drink at such men's houses as you are; but avoid them; but love and cherish every honest, godly priest, wherever you find them; and, above all, hold fast the ancient Protestant religion, for a better religion cannot be found out than that is, only I could wish the abuses were taken away and wicked men found out and punished, or turned out."
There can be no doubt that there was much of the old Puritan spirit in Leonard Gale the senior. And he closes his parental advice as follows:" Next, my advice is, that you avoid swearing, lying, drunkenness, whoring, and gaming,
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