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The Sussex Cottage- Wife.                  111
place happiness. But neither did she ever ask herself if she was miserable, because she was as ignorant of that feeling as of its opposite. She had, of course, her pains and her pleasures—her ups and her downs—her bright days and her dull days. But she was, up to 70 years of age, a healthy, hard-working, children-loving, flower-loving, and cow-loving woman—fond of talking, but never sitting down to talk— fond of walking, but never "going out for a walk"—fond of a little bit of wholesome meat, but seldom or never getting it. Altogether she was an excellent specimen of a class of women who have had much to do in the making of England's great­ness, for they have brought up and sent into the world not a few hard-headed, strong-fisted men, who have done many a good day's work for themselves and their country; and we doubt if England would miss many classes more than that of which we have tried to draw a sketch—a faint one, we know it is—a mere passing " glimpse "—in Mrs. Colly, the Sussex cottage-wife.
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