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Self-Educated Sussex Men.               139
publication. Some idea may be given of the vein in which they were written by the followingy'£ cTesprit:
Dear Harry,—You owe me a letter,
Nay, I really believe it is two ; But to make you still further my debtor,
I send you this brief billet doux. The shock was so great when we parted,
I can't overcome my regret; At first I was quite broken-hearted,
And have never recovered it yet!
I have scarcely been out to a party,
But have sent an excuse, or been ill; I have played but three times at Ecart6,
And danced but a single quadrille ! And then I was sad, for my heart ne'er
One moment ceased thinking of thee; I'd a handsome young man for my partner,
And a handsomer still vis-a-vis !
But I had such a pain in my forehead,
And felt so ennuied and so tired, I must have looked perfectly horrid,
Yet they say I was really admired! You'll smile—but Mamma heard a Lancer,
As he whispered his friend, and, said he, " The best and most beautiful dancer
Is the lady in white," meaning me!
I've been once to Lord Dorival's soirees,
Whose daughter in music excels;— (Do they still wear the silks they call moires ?
They will know if you ask at Pradel's.)— She begged me to join in a duet:
But the melody died on my tongue, And I thought I should never get through it—
It was one we so often have sung!
In your last, you desire me to mention
The news of the Court and the Town; But there's nothing that's worth your attention,
Or deserving of my noting down. The late-carried Catholic Question
Papa thinks will ruin the land; For my part, I make no suggestion
On matters I don't understand.
And Pa says the Duke has not well done To put his old friends to the rout;
That he should not have quarrell'd with Eldon Nor have turn'd Mr. Huskisson out.
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