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Self-Educated Sussex Men.               141
I was told you were flirting at Calais,
And next were intriguing at Rome, But I smiled at their impotent malice,
Yet I must say I wish'd you at home; Though I kept what I fancied in petto,
And felt you would ever be true ; Yet I dreamed of the murd'rer's stiletto
Each night—and its victim was you !
I'm arrived at the end of my paper,
So, dearest, you'll not think it rude, If I ring for my seal and my taper,
And think it is time to conclude. Adieu, then—dejected and lonely,
Till I see you I still shall remain, Addio, mio caro—Yours only—
Yours ever,—                       Amelia Tank.
P.S.—You may buy me a dress like Selina's,
Her complexion's so much like my own; And don't fail to call at Farina's
For a case of his Eau de Cologne; And whate'er your next letter announces,
Let it also intelligence bring, If the French have left off the deep flounces,
And what will be worn for the Spring!
The hit, too, at the fashionable mania which raged amongst the young swells of that day of driving stage-coaches ("The Modern Phaeton "), with its classical allusions, is full of wit, as, at a later day, was the rhyming description of a geological walk with Dr. Mantell. The lines he addressed to the young lady referred to as his occasional musical instructress, on her marriage day, have a tender grace in them that will justify quotation:—
TO MARIANNE FLEET, On her Marriage* March 2$th, 1837.
And thou shalt be a bride to-day, thou young, and good, and fair,
And the ring is waiting for thy hand, the wreath is in thy hair;
The young, the gay, the glad, are met to hail the joyous scene,
And thy bridesmaids wait upon thy steps, like fairies round their queen.
* With her cousin, William Hayley Mason, a godson of Hayley, the Poet.
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