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148                Glimpses of Our Ancestors.
mark his long—and, in many respects, able—day's work, except what the columns of a local newspaper contain. And yet I doubt if there be a man in Brighton, or many in all England, at the present moment, who can compare with Samuel Simes in the vigour and variety of his genius; in the ability to sit down, as he would sit down, at a moment's notice and dash off, ready for the printer, a stirring political leader, or an amusing essay, or a pungent report, or a cutting squib, or a clever musical or dramatic criticism. What, indeed, could he not do? All that a newspaper man was called on to do 50 years ago for a local journal he could do ; and that was everything.
I will end by repeating what I said in starting: By and bye there will not be an uneducated man in England; fools, faineants, dull men, and all, will be " coached up" to the educational standard. And then, perhaps, the self-educated man will be missed, and even perhaps called for, though, so far as he himself is concerned, I do not think it is to be regretted that he will not answer to his name.
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