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With Sketches Of Sussex Characters, Remarkable Incidents &c

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270                Glimpses of Our Ancestors.
By a singular coincidence, two other Sussex names, with claims to be called poets, passed over in early manhood to the other side of the Atlantic, after issuing volumes in which decided proofs of their talent were given, viz., Edmund Parsons, a member of a well-known and highly respected Brighton family; and Richard Realf, the son of an Uckfield peasant, and whose remarkable career will doubtless some day be writ down. He was once " Secretary of State " to "Old John Brown," the Champion of Freedom in the South, and whose spirit still " marches on." He was taken prisoner at the abortive rising against Slavery at Harper's Ferry, and nearly shot by the Southerners, but escaped, to fight through the War of Freedom, and to rise to the rank of Colonel in the Northern Army — also to write such stirring verses as won for him a high name in the States, where he was in a fair way of arriving at a still higher position, literary and political, when some unfortunate domestic circumstance took place which drove him to close his life and career—a singularly chequered one—in an act of suicide.
These three young men carried their poetical talents with them to the New World; and thus it is that England flings her intellectual "superflux to the poor." Of those Sussexians who still "confess the soft impeachment" and sacrifice to the Muses we will say nothing, but leave some future scribe, when they and ourselves and all who belong to the breathing Present shall come under the venerable denomination of "Ancestors," to glean such "Glimpses" of them and their poetical productions as may have floated down the stream of time.
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