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With Sketches Of Sussex Characters, Remarkable Incidents &c

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294               Glimpses of Our Ancestors.
railways, Sussex now stands as well as any other county of England ; its country roads are also, as a rule, a credit to it, especially in the Western Division, and where formerly there was nothing but a horse track, or a "fondering" road, good hard, though narrow, roadways now connect village with village, homestead with homestead, facilitating traffic, econo­mising labour, and giving denizens of towns easy access to the pleasant places of the country. So Sussex is no longer open to the reproach of being "full of dyrt and myre;" or, at all events, its dirt is to be found in the right place, in its fields, not in its roads, and the proverb of Dr. Burton, in the way of " the Sussex bit of the road," signifying an especially disagreeable bit, may be erased as having lost its meaning.
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