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With Sketches Of Sussex Characters, Remarkable Incidents &c

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300               Glimpses of Our Ancestors.
Now Satan he got the old wife on his back, And he lugged her along like a pedlar's pack.
He trudged away till he came to his gate,
Says he—"Here take an old Sussex man's mate."
O! then she did kick all the young imps about; Says one to the other, " Let's try turn her out!"
She spied seven devils all dancing in chains;
She up with her pattens and knocked out their brains.
She knocked old Satan against the wall:
" Let's try turn her out, or she'll murder us all."
Now he's bundled her up on his back amain, And to her old husband he's took her again.
" I've been a tormentor the whole of my life; But I ne'er was tormented till I took your wife!"
Certainly, when the musical knowledge of the people was reduced to whistling, it could not descend much lower; but still it sufficed to prove that the taste for music was not quite extinct, and, in course of time, that musical knowledge which has grown so rapidly within the last half-century in the middle classes of England will doubtless extend to the lower— especially through the instruction of the children at school— and England—nay, even Sussex—may wake up some fine morning and find that it is musical!
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