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An illustrated appreciation, of the most interesting districts in Sussex.

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were taken down. The Spit, the Pot, the Oven, were all in use together; the Evenings spent in Jollity, and their Glass Guns smoking Top'd the Tumbler with the froth of Good October, till most of them were slain or wounded, and the Prince of Orange, and Queen Ann's Marlborough, could no
longer be resounded......."
Here is Mr. Spershott's account of a Chichester calamity: " Jno. Page, Esq., native of this city, coming from London to Stand Candidate Here, a great number of voters went on Horseback to meet him. Among the rest Mr. . Joshua Lover, a noted School Master, a sober man in the general but of flighty Passions. As he was setting out, one of his Scollers, Patty Smith (afterwards my Spouse) asked him for a Coppy, and in haste he wrote the following:
Extreames beget Extreames, Extreames avoid Extreames without Extreames are not Enjoyed.
11 He set off in High Carrier, and turning down Rooks's Hill before the Sqr., rideinglike a madman To and fro, forward and backward Hallooing among the Company, the Horse at full speed fell with him and kill'd him. A Caution to the flighty and unsteady; and a verification of his Coppy." Again: "Robt. Madlock, a most Prophane Swarer, being Em ploy'd in Cleaning the outside of the Steeple," fell, owing to a breaking rope, and soon after died. Mr. Spershott adds : " A warning to Swarers." Another entry states : " In my younger years there were many very large corpulent Persons in the City, both of Men and Women. I could now recite by name between twenty and thirty, the great part of that number so Prodigious that like other animals Thoroughly fatted, they could hardly move about,"
One of Chichester's epitaphs runs thus :
Here lies a true soldier, whom all must applaud ; Much hardship he suffer'd at home and abroad ; But the hardest engagement he ever was in, Was the battle of Self in the conquest of Sin.
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