Highways and Byways in Sussex - online book

An illustrated appreciation, of the most interesting districts in Sussex.

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NOAH MANN                                 chap.
of graceful humanity, hooked for life the heart of poor Noah Mann," says Nyren; " and in this world of hatred and conten­tion, the love even of a dog is worth living for."
This is Nyren's account of Noah Mann :
" He was from Sussex, and lived at Northchapel, not far from Petworth. He kept an inn there, and used to come a distance
Petworth Churchyard.
of at least twenty miles every Tuesday to practise. He was a fellow of extraordinary activity, and could perform clever feats of agility on horseback. For instance, when he has been seen in the distance coming up the ground, one or more of his companions would throw down handkerchiefs, and these he would collect, stooping from his horse while it was going at full speed. He was a fine batter, a fine field, and the swiftest runner I ever remember: indeed, such was his fame for speed, that whenever there was a match going forward, we were sure to hear of one being made for Mann to run against some noted
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