Highways and Byways in Sussex - online book

An illustrated appreciation, of the most interesting districts in Sussex.

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nets out of the fleet, or 120 nets) was cast overboard they would cry:—
Watch, barrel, watch ! Mackerel for to catch,
White may they be, like a blossom on a tree.
God send thousands, one, two, and three,
Some by their heads, some by their tailsj
God sends thousands, and never fails.
When the last net was overboard the master said, " Seas all!" and then lowered the foremast and laid to the wind. If he were to say, " Last net," he would expect never to see his nets again.
" There are more handsome women in Brighton than any­where else in the world," wrote Richard Jefferies some twenty years ago. " They are so common that gradually the standard of taste in the mind rises, and good-looking women who would be admired in other places pass by without notice. Where all the flowers are roses you do not see a rose." (Shirley Brooks must have visited Brighton on a curiously bad day, for seeing no pretty face he wrote of it as " The City of the Plain.") Richard Jefferies, who lived for a while at Hove, blessed also the treelessness of Brighton. Therein he saw much of its healing virtue. " Let nothing,'' he wrote, " cloud the descent of those glorious beams of sun­light which fall at Brighton. Watch the pebbles on the beach; the foam runs up and wets them, almost before it can slip back, the sunshine has dried them again. So they are alternately wetted and dried. Bitter sea and glowing light, bright clear air, dry as dry—that describes the place. Spain is the country of sunlight, burning sunlight; Brighton is a Spanish town in England, a Seville."
The principal inland attraction of Brighton is still the Pavilion, which is indeed the town's symbol. On passing through its very numerous and fantastic rooms one is struck by their incredible smallness. Sidney Smith's jest (if it were his; I find Wilberforce, the Abolitionist, saying something
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