Highways and Byways in Sussex - online book

An illustrated appreciation, of the most interesting districts in Sussex.

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time, made and brought home, jQi 5. For two prolongers [i.e. save-alls] and an extinguisher 2d., and a payr of bellowes 55-."
7th May, 1656.—"I bought of William Clowson, upholsterer and itinerant, living over against the Crosse at Chichester, but who comes about the country with his pack on horseback :—
" My mayde being sicke, I paid for opening her veine 4d., to the widow Rugglesford for looking to her, I gave is, ; and to Old Bess, for tending on her 3 days and 2 nights, I gave is.; in all 2S. 4d.—this I gave her.
" Lent to my brother Luxford at the Widow Newports, never more to be seene ! 1s"
In 1658.—"To Wm Batchelor for bleeding mee in bed 2s. 6d., and for harbouring mee ij"." A year later:—" I agreed with Mr. Batchelor of Lindfield to barbour mee, and I am to pay him i6j. a yeare, beginning from Lady Day."
In 1671.—"I bargained with Edward Waters that he should have iSs. in money for the trimming of mee by the year, and deducting is. 6d. for his tythes."
23rd April, 1660.—"This being King Charles II. corona­tion I gave my namesake Moore's daughter then marryed ioi-. and the fiddlers 6d.
" I payed the Widow Potter of Hoadleigh for knitting mee one payr of worsted stockings 2s. 6d,; for spinning 2 lb of wool 14d., and for carding it 2d.
" To the- collections made at 3 several sacraments I gave 3 several sixpences."
12th May, 1673.—" I went to London, spending there, going and coming, as alibi apparel in parlicularibus, i$s. 8d. j I
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