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An illustrated appreciation, of the most interesting districts in Sussex.

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3o6                                          OLD KENT                                 ch. xxxn
in the 83rd year of her age, agreeable to the testimony I had of a death in our family on the 10th of May last."
" Mr. Rogers came to the school, and brought with him the four volumes of Pamela, for which I paed him 4s. 6a1., and bespoke Duck's Poems for Mr. Kine, and a Caution to Swearers for myself.
" Sunday. I went to church at Hothley. Text from St. Matthew ' Take no thought, saying, What shall we eat, and what shall we drink, or wherewithal shall we be clothed,' and I went to Jones', where I spent 2d., and there came Thomas Cornwall, and treated me with a pint of twopenny.
" Mr. James Kine came ; we smoaked a pipe together and we went and took a survey of the fair; we went to a legerdemain show, which we saw with tolerable approbation.
" May 28th. Gave attendance at a cricket-match, played between the gamesters at Burwash and Mayfield to the advantage of the latter."
A series of quarrels with old Kent occupy much of the diary. Old Kent, it seems, used to enter the school house and vilify the master, not, I imagine, without cause. Thus:— " He again called me upstart, runagate, beggarly dog, clinched his fist in my face, and made a motion to strike me, and declared he would break my head. He did not strike me, but withdrew in a wonderful heat, and ended all with his general maxim, ' The greater scholler, the greater rogue ! ■ "
Mr. Gale was removed from the school in 1771 for neglect­ing his duties.
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