Highways and Byways in Sussex - online book

An illustrated appreciation, of the most interesting districts in Sussex.

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Took odds to combat a poor famished man. Oppose thy steadfast-gazing eyes to mine, See if thou canst outface me with thy looks : Set limb to limb, and thou art far the lesser; Thy hand is but a finger to my fist; Thy leg a stick, compared with this truncheon ; My foot shall fight with all the strength thou hast; And if mine arm be heaved in the air, Thy grave is digged already in the earth. As for words, whose greatness answers words, Let this my sword report what speech forbears. Cade. By my valour, the most complete champion that ever I heard. Steel, if thou turn the edge, or cut not out the burly-boned clown in chines of beef ere thou sleep in thy sheath, I beseech Jove on my knees, thou mayest be turned to hobnails. [They fight. Cade falls.'] O ! I am slain. Famine, and no other, hath slain me : let ten thousand devils come against me, and give me but the ten meals I have lost, and I'd defy them all. Wither, garden ; and be henceforth a burying-place to all that do dwell in this house, because the unconquered soul of Cade is fled. Iden. Is't Cade that I have slain, that monstrous traitor ? Sword, I will hallow thee for this thy deed, And hang thee o'er my tomb, when I am dead : Ne'er shall this blood be wiped from thy point, But thou shalt wear it as a herald's coat, To emblaze the honour that thy master got. Cade. Iden, farewell; and be proud of thy victory. Tell Kent from me, she hath lost her best man, and exhort all the world to be cowards ; for I, that never feared any, am vanquished by famine, not by valour.
That was on July 12, 1450. Cade did not die at once, but on the way to London, whither he was conveyed in a cart. On the 16th his body was drawn and quartered and dragged through London on a hurdle. One quarter was then sent to Blackheath ; the other three to Norwich, Gloucester and Salisbury. Cade's head was set up on London Bridge. Iden was knighted. A pillar was erected at Cade Street by Newbery on the piece of land that he possessed nearest to the probable scene of the event. " Near this spot was slain the notorious rebel Jack Cade, by Alexander Iden, Esq.," is the inscription.
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