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An illustrated appreciation, of the most interesting districts in Sussex.

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smoothness and finish, or any of the tricks of modern buildings." Westham church was one of the first that the Conqueror built, and remains of the original Norman structure are still serviceable. The vicar suggests that it may very possibly have stood a siege. In the jamb of the south door of the Norman wall is a sundial, without which, one might say, no church is completely perfect. In the tower dwell unmolested a colony of owls, six of whom once attended a " reading-in " service and, seated side by side on a beam, listened with un-
wavering attention to the Thirty-Nine Articles. They were absent on my visit, but a small starling, swift and elusive as a spirit, flitted hither and thither quite happily.
In the churchyard is the grave of one Ales Cressel (oddest of names), arid among the epitaphs is this upon a Mr. Henty :
Learn from this mistic sage to live or die. Well did he love at evening's social hour The Sacred Volume's treasure to apply. The remembrance of his excellent character alone reconciles his afflicted widow to her irreparable loss.
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