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An illustrated appreciation, of the most interesting districts in Sussex.

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398                                  "TO ALL YOU LADIES"                           chap.
Lastly we come to Charles Sackville, sixth earl, that Admirable Crichton, the friend of Charles II. and the patron of poets, who spent the night before an engagement in the Dutch war in writing the sprightly verses, " To all you ladies now on land," wherein occurs this agreeable fancy:
Then, if we write not by each post,
Think not we are unkind ; Nor yet conclude our ships are lost
By Dutchmen or by wind ; Our tears we'll send a speedier way : The tide shall bring them twice a day.
The king with wonder and surprise,
Will swear the seas grow bold ; Because the tides will higher rise
Than e'er they did of old : But let him know it is our tears Bring floods of grief to Whitehall-stairs.
Upon the sixth Earl of Dorset's monument in Withyham Church is inscribed Pope's epitaph, beginning :
Dorset, the grace of Courts, the Muses pride, Patron of arts, and judge of nature dy'd ! The scourge of pride, though sanclify'd or great, Of fops in learning, and of knaves in state : Yet soft his nature, though severe his lay, His anger moral, and his wisdom gay.
The church is very prettily situated on a steep mound, at the western foot of which is a sheet of water; at the eastern foot, the village. So hidden by trees is it that approaching Withyham from Hartfield one is unconscious of its proximity. The glory of the church is the monument, in the Sackville Chapel, to Thomas Sackville, youngest son of the fifth Earl of Dorset. There is nothing among the many tombs which we have seen
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