Highways and Byways in Sussex - online book

An illustrated appreciation, of the most interesting districts in Sussex.

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xli                                         "FRENCHYS"                                       409
this village, who comes from Lincolnshire, that " she has got such a good notion of work that you'd never find out but what she was an Englishwoman, without you was to hear her talk."
Frenchy (A foreigner of any country who cannot speak English, the nationality being added or not, as the case seems to require) : thus an old fisherman, giving an account of a Swedish vessel which was wrecked on the coast a year or two ago, finished by saying that he thought the French Frenchys, take 'em all in all, were better than the Swedish Frenchys, for he could make out what they were driving at, but he was all at sea with the others.
Heart (Condition; said of ground) : " I've got my garden into pretty good heart at last, and if so be as there warn't quite so many sparrs and greybirds and roberts and one thing and t'other, I dunno but what I might get a tidy lot of sass. But there ! 'taint no use what ye do as long as there's so much varmint about."
Hill (The Southdown country is always spoken of as "The Hill" by the people in the Weald): " He's gone to the hill, harvesting."
Ink-horn (Inkstand): " Fetch me down de inkhorn, mistus ; I be g'wine to putt my harnd to dis here partition to Parlia­ment. 'Tis agin de Romans, mistus ; for if so be as de Romans gets de upper harnd an us, we shall be burnded, and bloodshedded, and have our Bibles took away from us, and dere'll be a hem set out."
Justabout (Certainly, extremely) : " I justabout did enjoy myself up at the Cristial Palace on the Forresters' day, but there was a terr'ble gurt crowd; I should think there must have been two or three hundred people a-scrouging about."
Know (Used as a substantive for knowledge) : "Poor fellow, he has got no know whatsumdever, but his sister's a nice knowledgeable girl."
Lamentable (Very): This word seems to admit of three
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