Highways and Byways in Sussex - online book

An illustrated appreciation, of the most interesting districts in Sussex.

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present generation. It may be mentioned here that they say in Sussex that the rosemary will never blossom except where " the mistus " is master.
Maybe and Mayhap (Perhaps). "Maybe you knows Mass Pilbeam ? No ! doan't ye ? Well, he was a very sing'lar marn was Mass Pilbeam, a very sing'lar marn ! He says to he's mistus one day, he says, 'tis a long time, says he, sence I've took a holiday—so cardenly, nex marnin'- he laid abed till purty nigh seven o'clock, and then he brackfustes, and then he goos down to the shop and buys fower ounces of barca, and he sets hisself down on the maxon, and there he set, and there he smoked and smoked and smoked all the whole day long, for, says he, 'tis a long time sence I've had a holiday ! Ah, he was a very sing'lar marn—a very sing'lar marn indeed."
Queer (To puzzle): " It has queered me for a long time to find out who that man is ; and my mistus she's been quite in a quirk over it. He doant seem to be quaint with nobody, and he doant seem to have no business, and for all that he's always to and thro', to and thro', for everlastin'."
Reynolds (" Mus Reynolds " is the name given to the fox): When I was first told that " Muss Reynolds come along last night" he was spoken of so intimately that I supposed he must be some old friend, and expressed a hope that he had been hospitably received. " He helped hisself," was the reply; and thereupon followed the explanation, illustrated by an exhibition of mutilated poultry.
Short (Tender) : A rat-catcher once told me that he knew many people who were in the habit of eating barn-fed rats, and he added, " When they're in a pudding you could not tell them from a chick, they eat so short and purty."
Shruck (Shrieked) : An old woman who was accidentally locked up in a church where she was slumbering in a high pew, said, " I shruck till I could shruck no longer, but no one corned, so I up and tolled upon the bell."
Spannel (To make dirty foot-marks about a floor, as a
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