Highways and Byways in Sussex - online book

An illustrated appreciation, of the most interesting districts in Sussex.

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xli                           THE SONG OF SOLOMON                         415
making a little book of curious charm and homeliness. Here is the fourth chapter :
1.  Lookee, you be purty, my love, lookee, you be purty. You've got dove's eyes adin yer locks; yer hair is like a flock of goats dat appear from Mount Gilead.
2.  Yer teeth be lik a flock of ship just shared, dat come up from de ship-wash; every one of em bears tweens, an nare a one among em is barren.
3.  Yer lips be lik a thread of scarlet, an yer speech is comely; yer temples be lik a bit of a pomgranate adin yer locks.
4.  Yer nick is lik de tower of Daoved, built for an armoury, what dey heng a thousan bucklers on, all shields of mighty men.
5.  Yer two brestes be lik two young roes, what be tweens, dat feed among de lilies.
6.  Till de dee break, an der shadders goo away, I'll git me to de mountain of myrrh, and to de hill of frankincense.
7.  You be hem purty, my love; der aunt a spot in ye.
8.  Come along wud me from Lebanon, my spouse, wud me from Lebanon : look from de top of Amana, from de top of Shenir an Hermon, from de lions' dens, from de mountain of de leopards.
9.  Ye've stole away my heart, my sister, my spouse. Ye've' stole away my heart wud one of yer eyes, wud one chain of yer nick.
10.  How fair is yer love, my sister, my spouse ! how much better is yer love dan wine ! an de smell of yer "intments dan all spices.
11.  Yer lips, O my spouse, drap lik de honeycomb; dere's honey an melk under yer tongue ; an de smell of yer garments is lik de smell of Lebanon.
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