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From The Earliest Known Period To The Present Time.

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termed) affording the humbler classes a cheap meal, and others an abundance. Formerly a custom prevailed among the old Brightonians to salt down for the winter's consumption of the family a number of herrings : a favorite dish was made therefrom, called Solomon Gundy (a corruption of the word Salmagundi), consisting of chopped-up pickled her ring 8, apples, and onions, mixed uith oil and vinegar.
Another old custom was observed connected with the commencement of the mackerel voyage by the fishery population, called " bending in." On completion of the necessary preparation for the same, and the nets being put on board, it is celebrated in the following manner: the crews of the boats with their wives and families partake of bread, cheese, and beer ad libitum, on the beach, on the eve of their going to sea, and many are the wishes ex≠pressed for a prosperous voyage, &c. Formerly this custom was carried to a much greater extent than at the present time, inasmuch as the crews regaled themselves with hot suppers, but this latter portion of the custom is now of rare occurrence: the expense of this is chargeable to the boats. A mackerel boat and nets are worth from £500 to £700. At the back of Mr Male's house was a walled in yard and excavated icell, and duringthe prevalence of one of the storms related the whole of these premises were inundated and lost under the beach. Mr Male then purchased some land and a dwelling on the site of the mansion afterwards erected by Mrs Fitzherbert, on the Steine, in 1804, at the corner of Steine Lane. As late as the year 1781 the mouth of the well was visible at low tides; but since that period the still further encroachments of the sea has rendered this last relic of the old town no longer visible, as it is now buried in deep water at low tide. In 1823, on Messrs. Cheesman and Co., builders, excavating the foundation of the house at the south east corner of Brunswick Square, the sea dashed over the road into the same ; but from that period to the present time it has gradually receded, mainly to be
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