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From The Earliest Known Period To The Present Time.

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Item.—" There shall be selected by the said Com­missioners, out of the auncientest, gravest, and wisest inhabitants, eight fishermen and four landsmen for assistants to the constable in every public cause, whereof every one shall be ready, and give his attendance upon the constable as oft as need shall require, and whosoever shall presume to call together any assembly to the intent to practice or put in use any manner or device, or art, touching the government of the said town, without the privity, consent, and command of the said constable and assistants, shall forfeit for every time so doing forty shillings. And to the intent that the said twelve grave and wise men may have continuance, therefore, upon the death or removal of any of them, to choose and supply such other of the said town as by them, or the more part of them, shall be thought meet, provided that such choice shall be always ratified and allowed by the Stewards of the Lords of the said town, or by such one of them as shall happen to keep court in the said town, next after such choice made or otherwise, the same choice to be void, if such choice shall by the said Stewards, or by such one of them as shall fortune to be present as aforesaid, be disallowed until a sufficient man in the judgment of the same Stewards be chosen."
Item.—" That so much of the said quarter share as shall amount to the double value of the contribution (of the landsmen) shall be kept employed and accounted for indifferently by all the Churchwardens in such sort as is aforesaid, and the residue of the said quarter share shall be remaining in custody of the Seawardens, who shall not employ or disburse any part or parcel thereof but for the common profit of the town, and that only with the consent of the Constable being a fisherman, the Vicar, and six other fishermen being of the twelve in writing first had and obtained, and thereof shall make a true and particular account in writing, in the presence of the said Constable,
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