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From The Earliest Known Period To The Present Time.

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done, and these parishes had to assist by way of con­tribution, as under, yearly :—
Formerly the recipients of parish relief were compelled to wear a badge to proclaim their poverty. The following is the Vestry minute from the parish books, viz.:—"At a meeting of the ' Churchwardens and Overseers,' held August 27th, 1696, an accompt was given that Susan Stone, the widdow of Thomas, refused to ware the town badge; the letters on the same being ' B.P.,' upon which she was putt out of the weekly pay." The Workhouse in the Bartholomews existed until 1822. In that year the one built on the Church Hill was completed. The cost was £10,000, in addition to £1600 for the land (between 13 and 14 acres) purchased in 1818 and paid for by a rate made expressly for that purpose. A portion of it was used as the northern cemetery of the Parish Church. The building was calculated to hold 460 inmates, including children. It received its first occupants on the 12th of September, and in that year the number was 95, although the average number before removal was 150, showing the antipathy of the paupers to be ' transported' out of the parish, as they were pleased to term it,—that other means of subsistence were found by them, in preference to being kept at the expense of the parish is evident. Herewith is subjoined the following statement, a most interesting document of the rapid increase of poors-rates :
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