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From The Earliest Known Period To The Present Time.

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the Rev. Dr. Jno. Hannah. D.C.L.* We fervently hope he will be spared for many years to carry out the onerous duties of his holy ministry, so well commenced in his new sphere of action,—this large and populous parish of Brighton, in which his resources, both mentally and otherwise, will he severely taxed, hut we trust, under Divine Providence, he may overcome all obstacles, and finally, when removed from his earthly labours, reap his reward. It will not be inappropriate to call attention to the long periods the incumbency of this parish has been held by all of his predecessors, and which is somewhat remarkable, viz.:—■
The Rev. Edward Lowe
.....60 years
" Rev. Jno. Bolt
... 56 "
" Rev. Jno. Falkner
.....45 "
" Rev. "Wm. Colbron
... 45 "
" Rev. Henry Michell
... 50 "
" Rev. T. Hudson.....
... 15 "
" Rev. R. J. Carrf ...
... 20 "
" Rev. H. M. Wagner
... 46 "
The following anecdote is recorded of the Rev. H. Michell and connected with the celebrated Dr. Samuel Johnson, who came to Brighton on a visit to the Thrale family, who resided here regularly in the winter season, at a house in West Street, now partially the site of the " Concert Hall." Johnson was courted, admired and
* Born in 1818. Elected Scholar of Corpus-Christi College, Oxford, in 1837. Took a first class in Classics, and was elected Fellow of Lincoln College in 1840. After holding a small living in Oxfordshire a short time, was elected to succeed Archdeacon Williams as Rector of the Edinburgh Academy, in 1847. Was elected by the Scottish Bishops to succeed the Bishop of St. Andrew's, as Warden of Trinity College, Glenalmond, in 1854, where he was also Professor of Theology, and held these appointments till 1870. Was elected by the heads of Colleges in Oxford to preach the " Bampton Lectures" in 1870, and is also Rural Dean of Brighton and Hove. Is a Fellow likewise of the Royal and Antiquarian Societies of Scotland, &c.—It i« understood that Dr. Hannah has received the appoint­ment subject to a re-arrarigement of districts connected with the establish­ment.
t Elected Bishop of Chichester.
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