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From The Earliest Known Period To The Present Time.

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vessel remained until the year 179 l,wlien, being thoroughly decayed, it was broken up. The family of Tettersell continued to enjoy a pension, granted at the same time, of 100 per annum. Sir Jno. Bridger, the grandfather of the late Sir Henry Shiffner, of Coombe, near Lewes, was the last of the family who received the pension. A ring that was given by Charles to Tettersell is still in possession of the family, and was exhibited, with many other relics and works of art, in the Dome of the Pavilion, on the occasion of the Southern Counties' Association meeting in this town in the summer of 1867. Tettersell died July 26, 1674, and on his tomb is the following inscription :
through whose prudence, valour, and loyalty, charles ii. king
of England, after he had escaped the sword of his merciless
rebels, and his forces received a fatal overthrow at
Worcester, Sept. the 3d, 1651, was faithfully
preserved and conveyed to france, departed this life the 26th day of july, 1674."
"Within this marble Monument doth lie Approved faith, honour, and loyalty ; In this cold clay he hath now ta'en up his station, Who once preserved the church, the crowne, and nation! When Charles the Greate was nothing but a breath, This valiant soul stept 'tween him and death : Usurper's threats, nor tyrant rebels' frowne, Could not affright his duty to the crowne ; Which glorious act of his, for church and state,
Eight Princes, in one day, did gratulate-----
Professing all to him in debt to bee,
As all the world are to his memory;
Since earth could not reward the worth him given,
He now receives it from the King of Heaven.
In the same chest one jewel more you have,
The partner of his virtues, bed, and grave."
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