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which ought not to have been overlooked or passed over slightingly, traits that will stand out in bold contradiction to Mr Thackeray's assertion that he was the very personifi­cation of vices. In Mrs Matthews' memoirs of her husband is an anecdote showing conclusively a very great deal of good nature in the King. The old Polish dwarf, Count Boruwlaski, was, through Matthews' exertions, brought to Carlton House to see the King, who had known him many years before. The two visitors, a dwarf and a player, were treated by the King with great kindness, and more than this with much considerate delicacy. It was in July, 1821, when the approaching coronation and some less pleasant matters were greatly occupying the Royal mind. When Boruwlaski came away, Matthews found him in tears, and learned it was entirely owing to the kindness the King had manifested towards him. While the two were for a little time apart, the King had taken the opportunity to enquire if the Count required any pecuniary help to make his latter days comfort­able, avowing the desire to supply whatever was neces­sary.
The King had also offered to show his Coronation robes to the dwarf, and further asked him if he retained any recollection of a favorite valet of his wrhom he named. The Count professing a perfect remembrance of the man, the King said, " He is now, poor fellow, on his death-bed, I saw him this morning, and mentioned your expected visit. He expressed a great desire to see you, which I ventured to promise he should do, for I have such a regard for him that I would gratify his last hours as much as possible. Will you, Count, do me the favor of faying my poor faithful servant a short visit ? He is even now expecting you. I hope you will not refuse a poor, suffering, dying man." The Count, of course, expressed his readiness to obey the King's wishes. Boruwlaski was first shewn the robes, and then conducted to the chamber of the sick
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