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From The Earliest Known Period To The Present Time.

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although but one of hundreds, is but little known, and richly deserves to be universally so.
" On that evening, the King gave a splendid party at the Pavilion, and his Majesty was graciously pleased to command my attendance to hear a concert performed by his own fine band. His Majesty did me the honour to seat himself beside me, and asked me how I liked the music which I had that day heard in the chapel, amongst which, to my surprise, had been introduced the Chacoone of Jomelli, performed in the Castle Spectre, but which since has been called the Sanctus of Jomelli, and is now used under that title in all the cathedrals and churches in England and the Continent. His Majesty was all kindness and con­descension in his manner towards me ; but his kindness and condescension did not stop there.
" I had taken with me to Brighton that year a god­daughter of mine, Julia Walters, whom I have adopted, and whose mother has been, for years, my housekeeper and watchful attendant during my many severe illnesses. This little girl, at five years old, performed the part of the Child, in the opera of L'Agnese, under the name of Signora Julia. Ambrogetti was so struck with my little protegee, that he begged I would let her piay the character? which she did, with grace and intelligence far beyond her years. This child asked me to procure her a sight of the King, and fixed upon the evening in question to press her request, when she might behold him in the midst of his Court, surrounded by all that was brilliant in the land, and in a palace whose splendour, when illuminated, rivalled the magnificence described in the Arabian Nights.
" I told my worthy friend Kramer, the excellent master and leader of His Majesty's private band, the earnest desire of little Julia, and prevailed upon him to admit her behind the organ, with a strict injunction not to let herself be seen ; but female curiosity, even in one so young, prevailed, and after the first act of the concert, when
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