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From The Earliest Known Period To The Present Time.

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at the time, wrote the following lines on the inci­dent :—
" ' In the Music Room of the Pavilion, at Brighton, on the 1st of January, 1822, and discovered in the fact by His Most Gracious Majesty George the Fourth; who, with his never-failing kindness of heart and condes­cension, seized the little culprit in his arms, kissed and caressed her, and bore her in triumph, before the brilliant assembly, to her nearest and dearest friend, Michael Kelly, then present.
" 'Behind the lofty organ's screen, One gala eve, sly Julia lay, Intent to peep, at whiles, unseen, And all the glorious pomp survey.
" ' 0, little didst thou dream that eye
Which wakes to guard Britannia's crown, Would there thy tiny form espy, And give thee, Julia, to renown.'
" For many seasons past, upon my annual night, I
have been regularly honoured with a munificent donation
from my Sovereign; but, valuable to me as is that bounty
in itself, the gift has scarcely been so gratifying to the
feelings of his dutiful servant, as the manner of presenting
" ' A delicacy, which anticipated wishes—
A generosity, which exceeded hopes.'
" Were I to indulge my feelings, I should be diffuse upon this subject; but I check myself, lest I should offend in a quarter where displeasure would afflict me most.
" I therefore shall merely venture to add, that when­ever my malady casts me upon a bed of suffering, I do not forget that the most august hand in the empire has con­descended to place around it additional comforts; and that no sooner does my relenting star restore me to society than my benefactor's name blesses the first glass I carry to my
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