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From The Earliest Known Period To The Present Time.

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lips, and I say and sing, with heart and voice, devoutly and gratefully,
" God savo the King!"
It must, indeed, be a dark cloud that has no silver lining, and many of the King's vices may be attributed to the age in which he lived, but let us hope from his charitable and benevolent disposition (as charity covereth a multitude of sins) that, when this earthly King shall stand before the awful tribunal before which we must all appear, to be judged by the great King of Kings, his virtues will be some atone­ment for the vices of which he was guilty.
In 1802 and 1803 further additions were made to the
Pavilion by the purchase of shops in Castle Square,
and in 1815 the Prince Piegent purchased of the Lord of
the Manor a piece of land to the north of Marlborough
House, extending to the angle of the bottom of Church
Street, and enclosed it with a flint wall ornamented with
a long palisading. Marlborough House and the houses
built on the western side of the road, recently closed,
called Marlborough Row, were enclosed as far as the
north gates (leaving outside the blacksmith's shop of Mr Coupeland, who would not sell his property under any consideration, although treble the value was offered for it). These purchases rendered the Prince's territory more com­pact, and made the extent of the same up to this period more than 7 acres.
The road being closed necessitated the making another, called the New Road. The property through which this road was made belonged to different persons, viz., Mr Furner, the father of our respected Judge of the County 001111;, and adjoining some property belonging to the Society of Friends, called "the Quaker's Croft," their original Meeting House standing on this property prior to its removal to the lanes. A portion of the property, for­merly their burial place, situated in Church Street, adjoin-
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