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From The Earliest Known Period To The Present Time.

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the proposed outlay. If sanctioned it will be built on the eastern court, the site of the stables erected by William IV.
The Dome is a very conspicuous object when viewed from the hills near the town; on occasions of concerts, &c, when lit up, it presents a pretty appearance, from the different colors of the glass in its roof. It was used recently on the occasion of the town inviting the Hon. Reverdy Johnson to a sumptuous banquet (under the presidency of the then Mayor, Mr Alderman Lester), on his visit to this country in the endeavour to settle the differences caused by the Alabama claims made by our transatlantic brethren; and it is worthy of record that the first public manifesto on this subject was made at the Grand Hotel, to a deputation of the Corporation, by that functionary, and published in the public prints the following day, and which led to the town inviting him to the enter­tainment mentioned, afterwards followed by other large towns in the kingdom.*
The most memorable public event connected with the Royal Stables was that which took place on the 25th of October, 1809, on which occasion the Prince kindly granted the use of the Eiding School to Mr Philip Mighell, for the purpose of feasting 2000 of the poorest inhabitants of this town to celebrate the Jubilee of King George IH., he having ascended the throne in the year 1760, and this treat to the poor was further extended by a party of
* On the arrival in Brighton of the Hon. Reverdy Johnson, as a guest of the late eminent philanthropist, George Peabody, Esq., who was staying at the Grand Hotel, a deputation of the Corporation, consisting of the Mayor (Mr Alderman Lester), the Ex-Mayor, Mr Alderman Hallett, Mr Alderman Alger, Mr Alderman Martin, Mr Alderman Brigden, Mr Alderman Abbey, Mr Alderman Ireland, and Councillors Fabian and Davey, waited on his Excellency and presented an address ceuched in congratulatory terms, and were afterwards invited by Mr Peabody to a sumptuous repast, being joined by several private friends,—Sir Emerson Tencant, Sir Curtis Lampson, Dr. Carter, and Mr Mayall, the eminent photographer, who, by instructions from Mr Peabody, executed a striking likeness of His Excellency, and at his request a copy of the same was forwarded to each member of the deputation.
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