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From The Earliest Known Period To The Present Time.

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gentlomon contributing a sum and feasting 1500 more poor persons in the barn and farm yard of Mr Scrase, at that time situated in the middle of Jubilee Street, the name of the same being taken from the event. The Freemasons dined in their Lodge Room at the Old Ship, where also the same evening there was a ball and supper in honor of the occasion.
The large chandelier formerly in the banqueting room was sent, in 1816, with Lord Amherst's embassy, as a present to his celestial majesty the "Emperor of China," in the endeavour to extend the commercial relations with that monarch, and his lordship travelled a con­siderable distance into the interior of that vast empire to the imperial palace, but the negociations were abruptly broken off, indignity being offered at Pekin on the 29th' of August following. The embassy re­turned, their vessel was wrecked, but the presents were saved, and the chandelier was placed in the Pavilion by the Prince Regent's orders. It remained some time in its present position, till the third visit of King William and Queen Adelaide in 1834, when Her Majesty (in consequence of a dream that it would fall) caused it to be removed. It was re-modelled, and about 60 per cent, of the original material again used, when the Pavilion came into the hands of the Town Commissioners—at that period the governing body. The glass drops alone have been stated to have originally cost 1 guinea per lb. There was for­merly in one of the rooms of the Pavilion a Chinese lanthorn, 12ft. by 8ft., and which, on all par­ticular occasions, was brilliantly illuminated on the exterior, thus exhibiting its transparency and producing an effect too exquisite to be described. A small apartment adjacent, called Tippoo Saib's room, was fitted up with ivory chairs, sofas, &c, part of the spoils brought from Seringapatam, after the overthrow of that eastern potentate. All the fittings and embellishments were
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